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news. -p oh, my gosh. >> chopper pilots ssowing off. the price they're paying for their internet popularity. a restaurant robber. the places he's hit along the mid-atlantic and how long he's been carrying out his plot. 31 another hot day today. % much cooler temperatures in our forecast. i'll have all the details coming up in my skywatch forecast. it valley a nice costume for a ot of people that don't smoke or want to. a small pest becomes a big problem. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news 1 at 10:00.
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-p>>reportee: jeff and karen, authorities say the maa has robbed nearly 40 restaurants across our area, incluuing this applebee's behind me. they now hope a reward will get him a reservation in to jail. this is a photo of the man authorities say has a big 3 c1 appetite for crime. investigators say since >> it's definitely nerve-racking. >>reporter: authorities say most occur at popularr restauraat chains. the latest was at this applebee's 3 c1 restaurant ii columbia, which was hit on september 14th. other targets include two bob -pevans restaurants in anne arundel county, a red robin in baltimore county and several friendly estaurants across tte area.. investigators say in all cases, the man shows a handgun and should be considered armed
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and dangerous. >> that's what makes it more -pfrightening is the fact that e knows what he's doing and has the targets. it's frightening. >>reporter: authhrities hope someone will recognize the suspect from this surveillance photo. he's describbd as six-feet tall with a large
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>> it's a safe way of dispose of prescription drugs.
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>> we have young kids. they're -pgetting a little older and going in to differeet drawers. we thought t was the right thing to doo >>reporter: authorities say it's best for parents to 3 c1 bewaae. >> right now the biggest source of prescription drugs for teenagers, who abuse these drugss are their parents' medicine cabinets. -p>>reportee: what might look like a colorful collection of misusedd that's why police police tell us one man also turned in a loaded gun along with his -- today.
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>> it had foil on there you peee off the foil and it's right theee. it was all marijuana. i want to say eight brikssof it. >>reporter: the bricks were in an individual mail bag headed from mexiio city to new york when a canine unit caught a whiff of the drugs. >> people can get very resourceful. eporter: custom's agents make one bust per month hereeat the airport. not all of those busts involve drugs. >> some of the more strange things i've seen are monkey's heads, live crabs. that's not that weird. people bringing in their ultural foods. >>reporter: that's why -pinvestigators say it's important to have a highly-trained canine inspecting everything, including international parcels, luggage, contraband anddexplosivvss 3 c1 >> people obviously want these 1
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items or they're willinn to pay for it anyway. they'll get ii here anyway they can. >> the dog involved in this the ravens oppn the stadium for the first time this seassn. kristtn berset is here with more on the first home game. >> hanks, jjff. it's almost been a month ssnce the last game in ballimoree the ravens could use the home-field -padvantage. it also helps 3 1 they're playing the browns. no plane rides or hotel rooms for the first time this year. a roaring tranquillity will come over the ravens tomorrow when they take the field in front of 70,000-plus fans. as they say, there's no place liie hooe. >> i think our fans are going to be more excited than anything. we haven't been home for a while. for us to come
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home, i thhnk that's huge for us. >> our stadium s the best stadium to play in, for me. it's one of the best stadiums out there and the crowd is second to none. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> i want to encourage ur fans fingernail, but some pets are caussng big economic damage in maryland. there's a new type across ourrregion. crops >>reporter: they are enemy number one at farms all across the country. ssink bbgs are destroying acres and acres of crops in our region. >> little tanks. littte armored tanks. i call them a lot of other namessi can'ttput
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on camera. 3 c1 >> they are invading his orchard and the university of marylann. >> the pests of most concern ever in my 20 years. >> ii feeds on almost
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everythhng we grow. 3 c1 >>reporter: they don't burro through like a worm. they suck the juice sort of like drinking through a straw. >> they drink the juice out of thh cells. >>reporter: the usda is developing a proposal to get congress to help. -p>> growers, such as bob black they need answers next year. it's too late for this year, but they wwll have to have some kind of a rational approach to deallng with this pest in the coming years. >>reporter: back on the farm, he has great-loooing apples. he thinks the ffture is this brighter too. there are insecticides you can buy. exterminators recoomend -- as one option. fox 45 news at 10:00. dozees of walmaat volunteers joined the fight against hunger today. six acres are being trrnnformed in to an rbaa form. 3 c1 >> they are building green
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houses and planting 50 fruit trees that willlprovide food to needy families. fresh feud is an nsh baltimore. the city is known for being a desert. >> ertain areas of labeled food deserts when there's not a good supply of fresh food around there. civic works and real food farm are working to solve that issue. >> raising awareness about hunger relief and getting workers involved is part of the $2 billion campaign to help end hung her in the u.s. the mayor wws across town bbbies. that's part of hy national infant mortality awareness month. they teamed up to campaign for heelthier
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new ice cream flavors hit the marret. you'll need a doctor's permission before trying thhse. another day of 90 egrees. our temperatures are about to plummet. i'll tell you how cool it ill get commng up in my skywatcc forecast.
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>>reporter: on friday old-school face-to-face politics on display. >> maryland is ecovering faster than other states. % >>reporter: as the rematch enters its finaa rounds, the real tough and tumble is being fooght online. my family cannot afford
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another four years of bovenlt >>reporter: hey are blunt, but are a big part of the maryland race. >> it has to be good and viral. >>reporter: the professor from aaerican university says unlike 30-seconn tv ads, the beb videos can be as loog or nasty as they wwnt to be.
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to >> if we let this go to the >> the senate has ruled out vote on the tax issue until whatever congress decidds to >>reporter: the lottery ccmmission approved a code oo conduct for workers at the slot casino. it includes a ban on playing the machines, unless
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it's part of official duties and employees cannot use their position to gain favors. thee to open next thursday. duled disabilities advocates are applauding congress for passing >> i have nicholas who is 14. mad lynn is 12. gg is ten and --- >> (unintelligible). >>reporter: rrsa is in the second gradd aad likes school. % -pshe's an eight-year old with down syndrome. >> it all started at my % daughter's school when we ad an ooishgsep meeting and her
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>>reporter: ii was a label they found offensive. >> most of the time eople se mentally retarded as stupid or dumb. rosa and all of er >> we know attiiudes have phanged a lot. we thought that the teem needed to go away. >>reporter::they took tteir fight beforeemaryland's general assembly. the governor signnd the bill in to law changing it to "inlectually disabled." >> we wanted to be changed throughout the country, not just in maryland. we knew it was the right thing toodo. >>reporter: the bill is going straight to the white house. >> now they're introducing it as national standard for termmnology ffr evelopmentally pisabled across the entire pnited states. >> i don't think you ccn stop the playground uss of the word
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probabby ever, but we caa stop teachers and doctorssand professionals from use it. >>reportee: as you can imagine, this hassbeen quite a struggle disabilities who are relieved that this fight is finally over. rosa is the streetest little girl. >> finally at llst. good news. more good news this all this weather. >> if we could only get rid of % ttose stink bugs, huh? >> hi. we are looking at cooler temperaturrs n the
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that will change as we head in towards the next couple of days. we have a low-pressure system working its way up. -pthat will bring much-needed precipitation. for tonight we are looking at temperatures cooling down to right around 60 degrees. cooler in the suburbs. upper 50s here. starting toopick up a brisk normal winddat 10 to 15. cooler temmeratures in the forecast. details are coming up. the baltimore book festival is back and bigger than ever. fox 45 is a mediaasponsor of the event, which is the eaat coast premiere celebration. >> more than 100 local andd celebrity authors were there. it's not just about books. there's plenty of food, vendors and activities for the whole family. >> a mix of something for
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when breast cancer is caught early, a lump et ceteraome plus radiation is typically conssdeeed just as effective as a mastektome. >> it taaes 6 to 8 weeks to complete all the trratments. a pew therapy being tested could allow women to combbne surgery pnd radiation in a single visit. >> we are treating the bests from the inside out. >>reporter: doctors refer to it by "target." >> i think it's one much the most important studies published since 1986. >>reporter: breast cancer surgeon is talking about research recently reported at a meeting for the -- the findinns a singll high dose of radiation given during a lump et ceteraome surgeey during breast cancer was just as effective as a six-week course of radiation. >> the partial wakes up. the therapy is done. theebreast
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surgery is donn and theepatient goes home. >>reporter: and is finished with her breast-cancer treatment. this patient asked not o be identified, but said the doctor could tell us why she wanted to try this experimental therapy. >> she is the primary provider for her family. she can't afford to be oof from work every day for a period. it's an issue of convenience for tte most part. >>reporter: this machine makes it possible. it's called -- >> the radiation source passes >>reporter: during surgery the
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>> this is placed to lower the radiation ithin the room. >>reporter: it will takee18 minutes to delivee the dose of radiation patiently usually get. >> ww raddate the breast from the outside in.. we can only pive so much of radiation on a griven day. otherwise, the this isn't for everyone. >> not every woman is a candidate for target treatment. some women require mas tektomies. >>reporter: as forrside effects. % >> i've seen no difference in what i'd find after a lump et cetera -- the trial is ooly being
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tested on low-risk women ovee 45. >> 'm sure it will expand in to oller women or younger women because it's a one-stoo shop, actually. >> if it works it will beein demand. oh, my gosh. >> two navy pilots are grounded after a mid-flighh ssunn. what officials say they did wrovenlth you're going to see it in -peverything. you're going to have it in spaghetti, coffee creamers. >> a sweettr wayyfor medical marijuana patients tt get their meds. temperatures have been hot and the radar has been dry. all of that ♪
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p>> well, greet weather. looks liie we'ring a bit of a cooldown. >> unpack the snugies? >> definitely. we're talking dropping 20 degrres from where we sat ttday. big change in our forecast. starts tomorrow. back to those fall-like conditions. we hit 91 egrees. that makes another day of above 90 degrees for this year. 33 in washington d.c. 92 in
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be partly cloudy. we'll see more clouds building up towards the afternoon. a mostly-cloudy sky by later in the afternoon and evening. you can see that cooler air issstarting to invade. it lags behind the
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move over mexicc. a few clouds out there for tomorrow. by tomorrow afternnon we see clouds build in keeping us cool during the day tomorrow and in to the day on monday and tuesday as well. showwrs start to work their way in to the -ppicture. a chance onnmonday and a greater chance as we head in towards the day on tuesday of seeenggthat wet weather. like i said, we could certainly
10:35 pm
fact, one of the warmer spots on the eastern shore. mid-70s with partly-cloudy skies. even% cooler temperatures in the forecast. 711in central maryland. probably staaing in the 60s in western maryland. a cool day out there as well with partly-cloudy skies becoming
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>> claudia has both sides of the argument. >>reporter: with flavors like these, cannibis-infused ice crrams could find it to become available if it passes in
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>> it is a nice option for people that doo't smoke or want to smoke. >>reporter: patients say they don't taste the marijuana, but feel the effects. this contains four doses of 
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fatter, according to a new ting -pstudy. doctors in paris say the u.s. ranks number oneein obesity followed by mmxico, % england and australia. they
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say theefattest nations tend to be riccer countries. the skiniest are japan, south korea and switzerland. treatment at u.s. hospitals has greatly improved for heart attacks, pneumonia and asthma.
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>> you never knoo when it's going to get spilled on your clothes or carpet. >>reporter: one product promises to have you partying on. it claims it can remove rrd wine stains from carpet and fabric. >> i definitely think it's a 31
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deal. for more information, log on to foxbaltimore.commnewslinks.
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vacationer forecass comes tomorrow as krissen berset said. 71 degreee for that afternoon highs. partly--loudy skies. the showers stay with
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us on tuesday with a possible thunderstorm and a high of 80. we dry out for the remainder of the week and get bbck-to-normal temperattues with highs in the 1 upper 70s. jeff and karen, back to you. >> thanks, emilyy home game tomorrow. heir first >> kristen bersee joins us. >> thanks, guys. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited." the ravens finally come % home. wwy it's always tough -pgging up against the browns. the terps' left it all on the field today. could a freehman quarterback lead maryland to victory? i go one-on-one with ravens' cornerback. how the offenss struggles affect the mind of the defense. "sports unlimited" starts right now. the ravens welcome their former selves to baltimore tomorrow as they hope to show everyone why they were picked as super bowl favorrtes before
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the season. the browns come in two games and they would love t and try to change the game. it's always a hard game. >> we played well against a lot -pof teams. i think it probabl shhws because we get to play them a lot. we play them ttice a year at least. >> we have to have thii game. ii's a home game. ii's in the division. there's no doubt about it. itts critical for us. every game is critically. >>reporter: two college coming off ahe terps' are

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